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CTT Training Request Guidance

CTT Engine Overview (read me first)

View the CTT Session Catalog for a full list of training options available.

DO NOT COMMIT to the client until you have been contacted by the START Program Team (ms.startreadiness@newhorizons.com) and received approval to do so.

Timeline and Planning

NOTE: Each training type has specific DEADLINES for both registration/scheduling and completion, as follows:

  • Private instructor-led course (up to 16 students): Schedule within 60 days and complete training within 90 days of approval.
  • Public instructor-led training (individual student vouchers): Register within 15 days and complete training with 60 days of approval.
  • E-learning (self-paced course) (individual student vouchers): Register within 15 days of approval; training subscriptions expire one year after registration.
  • Customers must both register for/schedule and complete training within the deadlines. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CLIENT CAN USE THE NOMINATED TRAINING PROGRAM WITHIN THE SPECIFIED TIMEFRAME BEFORE APPLYING. Otherwise, it will expire and you will lose your funding.

Requesting a CTT event, step by step:

Fill out the initial request form:

  • Country: Select United States.
  • Account Segment: Select EPG or Education.
  • Initiative: Select All FY16 Campaigns.
  • Campaign: Select the applicable campaign that aligns with your opportunity.
  • Request Type - please note: not all request types are available for all campaigns: Select E-learning (self-paced; voucher), Public instructor-led training (voucher), OR Private instructor-led training (up to 16 students)
  • Region/Sector: For the commercial sector, select East, West, or Central. Otherwise, select either Communications Sector or Public Sector. Note: Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) requires public sector customers to return a gifting letter signed by their Chief Ethics Officer or legal counsel. An online gift letter template is available to facilitate this process. Please notify ms.startreadiness@newhorizons.com once you have received the completed form from your customer.
  • District: Select your district as applicable.

READ and AGREE to the terms of use...customer satisfaction is at stake!

After submitting your request:

For voucher requests for public instructor-led training or e-learning (self-paced): If your request is approved, an approval e-mail message will be sent automatically to the customer alias(es) that you provided and your alias will be copied. Within the message will be instructions for registering for the voucher and selecting the class/training site/date. Note: If you selected Negotiation Concession in your request, all voucher e-mail messages to the customer will be held until you confirm the concession. For private instructor-led training requests: If your request is approved, you will be contacted before the program contacts the customer.

CTT Training Request Wizard

Use this wizard to request Customer Technical Training (CTT) events.